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January 24, 2005
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Free Spirit by GoblinQueeen Free Spirit by GoblinQueeen
My first design for the devArt clothing contest. If I have time, I have one or two other ideas floating around in my head.

The theme of the contest is 'being a deviant,' specifically, about being artists, deviating from the norm, and anything else that fuels our work.

So why a girl in a swimsuit dancing in the snow?

Being a deviant artist is not about being different just for the sake of being different
It's not about doing something to just shock society
It's not about just trying to annoy your parents with the way you dress
It's not about going against the crowd because you don't want to be in the majority

It's about staying true to yourself
It's about believing in what you feel is right whether you're in the majority or the minority
It's about that feeling of exilleration when you find your own voice
It's about finding what makes you happy even if everyone else thinks you're odd
It's about that feeling of freedom dancing in the snow

If you know me, you know how much I love color, so it was really hard to stay in the 6 color limit. I had thought of putting in the words 'Free Spirit' at the bottom of the image, but when it was finished, I felt that was spelling it out too much, but if you think I should add it back, feel free to say so. Doesn't mean I will, but I'll take it into consideration ;)
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dizzy-tea Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2009
fantastic. I can't find words to explain how much I love your art, particularly the retro-pin up ones. And the explanation is so so lovely, really loved the feeling of this one.
bitwize Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2008
melissah Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2006
i think this is way way too girly...instead of 'staying true to yourself' this tshirt really just looks like a my little pony ad.

i dont mean to be crude, it just doesnt seem like its crosses borders or would work for many different types of people. it seems too specific for such a wide and varied community such as deviantart.
GoblinQueeen Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2006
But you just said it yourself there, the theme was not 'What is being deviant to everybody' it was 'What is being deviant to you.' I don't expect everyone to like or wear this, but it is exactly what being 'deviant' is to me. If that makes me a 'My Little Pony,' so be it, there are worse things to be :)
melissah Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2006
also, after looking at your gallery, your style puts it into a better perspective for me. i think the image shocked me when paired with everything else surrounding it, and after viewing past versions.

and im not trying to insult you any further.

really it just shows what happens when im so far into the forrest that i cant see the trees. if that makes any sense.
melissah Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2006
i know it sounds horrible, its just instantly what the image conveyed to me.

i do respect your views, and the parameters of the contest, and the thought behind the imagery.

i probably shoud not have said it so harshly, but when i saw it thats what came to mind.
uzezi Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2005  Hobbyist
it is really cute i like it:)
steffeni Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2005
nice design, n i like how u put ur idea into thought =D
chikii Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2005
great idea :)
ghola8 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
love it!
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