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April 1, 2007
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Tea for Two... by GoblinQueeen Tea for Two... by GoblinQueeen
Can you tell I've been reading Sandman again lately?

Well, certain people complain that I go on and on too much in my descriptions, so I'll do my best to keep this brief :blahblah: This started as just a sketch of Death (most notably from the Sandman comics, but popping up here and there in the Vertigo universe) in more of a Victorian look, but then I wanted to get Cavendish (her teady bear) into it, too, so from there, the whole scene kindof built itself.
Please forgive the historical mismatch that is her dress. That style bustle doesn't really go with the styling in the bodice or skirt, but ever since I saw it on an old dress at LACMA years ago, it would seem I work it in whenever I can and yes, it would be difficult to bend like that in a corset, but that's what artistic license is for. She is Death, after all ;)

What was that I said about keeping this short...? Oh well, I'll leave figuring out all the symbolism to you, have fun and enjoy :)

Medium: Lineart brown drafting lead on vellum, painting done in Photoshop and Painter.

The character of Death is copyright Neil Gaiman.
Be that as it may, please do not use or redistribute.
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i like the teddy
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supa cute!
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This is fantastic!
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I LOVE this!
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Death! Now I'm reminded of the Death shirt that was stolen years ago... since I'm going through all your Devs I hope I see more Sandman art... :D
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haha, cool
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I love it. Any chance that prints are available for purchase?
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i love this! defenitly a fav =D
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You have a wonderful sense of things. this is just "awesome" .. what other word fits?

Another Instant :+fav: !!
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